Reconstruction of the attic of the Forum of Nerva

Ricomposizione dell'attico del Foro di Nerva
From the Flavian Era: 97 AD
Material and technique: 
Luna marble
Forum of Nerva
FN 518, FN 2000, FN 1999, FN 1996 a, FN 1996 b, FN 1998

Reconstruction of the attic of the porticoes in the Forum of Nerva with original pieces integrated with others made from limestone

The hall

Ricostruzione attico e coronamento

This room is home to a reconstruction of the attic of the pseudo-portico in the Forum of Nerva. Recent finds, brought to light during the excavations that opened in this Forum in 1998, have made it possible to come up with a new theory about the iconography present here. It now seems likely that the female figure represented a Province that had succumbed to Roman rule, illustrating the fact that the Roman Empire had united East and West and that there was now peace.