Italo Gismondi's Architectural Model

The architectural model of the Forum of Augustus, made by Italo Gismondi (1887-1974) following the excavations carried out in the 1930s, shows all that was brought to light at that time, that is to say the Temple of Mars Ultor, the porticos and the larger exedra. The area closer to Caesar's Forum is not shown as it had not yet been explored. Later studies and the excavations that begun in 2000 to mark the Jubilee have made it possible to improve on several aspects of the original reconstruction, including the existence of a second pair of smaller-sized exedra that had been eliminated during the building of the Fora of Nerva and Trajan, and that roofing or covering - particularly of the exedra - was not as had been assumed.

The model is made of plaster.

N. Inv. :FA 2499 a - b - c

Il plastico di Italo Gismondi