Decorated composite Lesene base

Base composita decorata di lesena
From the Trajan Era: 113 AD
Material and technique: 
Luna marble
Foro di Cesare
FC 348

Decorated composite lesene base. Part of the interior decoration of the cella in the Temple of Venus Genetrix in Caesar's Forum

The hall

Decorazione interna del Tempio di Venere Genitrice

The interior of the Temple of Venus Genetrix was also richly embellished and pieces of other panels with cherub-like figures are displayed. In one, they can be seen amidst upside-down Acanthus bushes getting ready for dinner, busy decorating candelabra, whilst other, somewhat smaller panels show single figures in different poses. Another panel in relief features a large bowl positioned above a theatrical mask and a panther with dappled fur – a clear reference to Dionysus.