Didactics, Dissemination and Technologies

Communication and training, enhancement and conservation: inseparable pairs or unsolvable oppositions?
The museum is a place of knowledge, training, experimentation and application of innovative technologies.

I decided not to go back to the specific topics on didatics and museum communication, fundamental themes of the book, because it is already well done in the interventions following, but I wanted to use an expressly provocative title hopefully. The "integralist" debate between the two worlds expressed by the second pair - the advocates of enhancement and / or income, as opposed to the bitter end advocates of conservation and protection - does not benefit cultural heritage for sure, just as it does not benefit social and economic development, not even the process of cultural integration or the formation of a correct transnational, national and local identity through the heritage itself. The base error is considering the two spheres as separated, while knowledge is at the base of protection and enhancement derives from it.

Lucrezia Ungaro