Introduction to the Forum of Augustus

The reproduction of the façade of the Temple of Mars Ultor carved in the relief of Ara Pietatis Augustae (the altar of Augustan piety) shows the figures from the pediment and the victory acroterion, one of which, a magnificent right foot in gilded bronze, found right in front of the Temple during the excavations carried out in the 1930, might be a piece from a statue of a woman. 
It gives the impression that the woman was standing on tiptoe; only the toes are resting on the ground with her heel slightly raised, almost as if she were about to fly away. The robust, squared-off tenon (projection that fits into a hole –mortice- to form a joint), is in perfect condition. The piece is on display in the introductory room to the Forum of Augustus on the ground floor. 

Introduzione al Foro di Augusto

Foro di Augusto, Tempio di Marte Ultore

Frammento di statua femminile di Vittoria (piede destro)
From the Augustan Era: 2 BC