Culture KIDS

Culture KIDS includes activities dedicated to children. Activities that stimulate children's creativity and imagination: starting from the contents of the museums they can play or express themselves by telling their collections through their eyes.



A series of videos aimed at children. The protagonists are the masterpieces from the collection, which come alive and tell their own story.
Pegaso e Perseo
The winged horse Pegaso narrates some episodes of his extraordinary life.

Pegaso e Bellerofonte
The winged horse Pegaso continues to tell of his extraordinary adventures, this time together with the hero Bellerofonte.

Pegaso e Augusto
Pegaso recounts the splendid culmination of all his adventures: his arrival in Rome, under the reign of Augusto.

La chiocciola del Foro Cesare
In this episode a small player, but with a certain character: the snail of Caesar's Forum!

Il leone del Foro di Augusto
The lion in the Foro di Augusto tells of its origins and above all... its role, carved in marble, in the Foro di Augusto and the Museo dei Fori Imperiali today!


Through Facebook posts on the history of the five Imperial Fora, crosswords, quizzes, games to build, drawings to make, puzzles to put together and much more are offered.

#1 - Il Foro di Traiano
#2 - Realizza il tuo fumetto
#3 - Scopriamo insieme il Foro di Cesare
#4 - Come giocavano i bambini romani
#5 - Crucipuzzle
#6 - Crucipuzzle
#7 - Cariatidi del Foro di Augusto!
#8 - Cariatidi del Foro di Augusto!
#9 - Il Foro di Nerva
#10 - Il mito di Aracne
#11 - L'imperatore Vespasiano
#12 - L'imperatore Vespasiano
#13 - Il Foro di Traiano
#14 - La colonna di Traiano
#15 - La colonna di Traiano e il Foro di Cesare
#16 - Il Foro di Cesare
#17 - Il Foro di Cesare e di Augusto
#18 - Il Foro della Pace
#19 - Il Foro di Nerva
#20 - Il Foro di Traiano
#21 - XX secolo