Financed Projects

The complex of the Markets of Trajan was and still is run with a comprehensive itinerary of works that are financed by the State under appropriated laws (L. 390/90 Rome Capital and L. 651/96 The Jubilee) and by the Municipal Administration (standard and investment funds). They consist of works of extraordinary maintenance, restoration and repair as well as running the complex. Investments have made it possible to use this extraordinary ‘container’ as the site of The Museum of the Imperial Forums.

Veduta laterale della Grande Aula nei Mercati di Traiano

The ‘Rome Capital’ and ‘Jubilee’ workshops have carried out the following works:

- The treatment of the wooden covers that date from the 1930s.
- The restoration and consolidation of the external lateral courtyards outside the Central Body’s Great Hall, and in part on the Small Hemicycle.
- The paving of all the internal areas with roman “cocciopesto” paving, except those along the Via Biberatica.
- The fitting of electrical installations throughout the complex.
- The consolidation of roofing pillars in the Great Hall.
- The implementation of passageways in the Great Hall, the Central Body and the via Biberatica to make the structure accessible to those with mobility limitations.

Despite the discontinuity of the works and the various conceptual differences in the project, the Municipal Art Heritage Authority has managed to weave a thread of logic into the project that gives unity to works already completed and those still in progress.