Recovery under Fascism

A new radical change awaited the monument under the grandiose project of the Imperial Forum excavations carried out by Senator Corrado Ricci. The work was named “the discovery and segregation of the Markets of Trajan” and took place between 1926 and 1934. Under the direction of the Fascist administration almost all the modification acquired over time were eliminated to bring the original Roman architecture back to prominence.

I Mercati di Traiano all'epoca del Governatorato

The entire complex was read as being primarily commercial in use, even if the remains of the travertine doors so characteristic of ancient taverns and shops were effectively solely found in the areas along the basalt roads. The Great Hall was used for displays inspired by the presumed commercial use of the monument even while restoration works in other parts of the monument were still going on. These were decorated with harvest and floral motifs.