Future setting-ups

The section of the Museum dedicated to the Trajan's Forum was designed in the lower sector of the Trajan's Markets: here, in direct contact with the remains of the buildings they belonged to, in the two Head Rooms located at the ends of the Great Hemicycle after the restoration of the monument, the great reorganisation of the trabeation and the attic of the facades of the Basilica Ulpia and the side colonnades of the square will be housed

Due esempi di tavole di progetto per la sezione museale dedicata al Foro di Traiano

An additional exhibition space, dedicated to the internal decorations of the Basilica Ulpia and the libraries, will be housed in correspondence with the same remains of the buildings they belonged  to  in the area that in the 1930s was covered by a reinforced concrete foundation under the garden of the so-called “Esedra arborea”, spaces that today need a radical renovation due to the degradation the roof has suffered after more than seventy years of life.