Tickets and videoguides


Entrance ticket valid only without exhibition
Regular Fees 

Adults € 11,50
Concessions € 9,50
Roman Citizens only (by showing a vaild ID):
Adults € 9,50
Concessions € 7,50

Tickets can also be purchased with a credit card and ATM

Concessions and free admission
Every first Sunday of the month free admission for residents in Rome and in the metropolitan city area.

2.00€  Ridottissimo Ticket for major exhibitions only. The fee is applied to visitors eligible for free admission, except for elementary and middle school groups and disabled people.

Online tickets
The printed receipt entitles you to jump the queue at the ticket office and quickly pick up your ticket.


In case of cultural events the price of the tickets may vary:
future exhibitions

Ticket valid from March 26, 2019
Combined  ticket Mercati di Traiano + exhibition "Mortali Immortali, tesori del Sichuan nell’antica Cina"

Adults € 16,00
Concessions € 14,00
Roman Citizens only (by showing a vaild ID):
Adults € 14,00
Concessions € 12,00

Videoguides in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish: € 6,00.