Reconstruction of bath (labrum)

Ricomposizione di vasca (labrum)
Severian era (early III century AD)
Material and technique: 
Porphyry (Red Egyptian) marble
Templum Pacis
5 frammenti: orlo grande FP 140, orlo medio FP 139, orlo con carenatura FP 138, carenature interna e esterna FP 136, fondo FP 135

Reconstruction using original pieces found during the excavations of the Templum Pacis and integrated with others made of stucco

The hall

Vetrina con il filosofo Crisippo

Old texts describe the Temple of Peace as an open-air museum with works from some of the most famous Greek artists of the time, some of which were plundered from Greece and Asia Minor by Nero so that they could adorn his Domus Aurea.